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Digital World.

RevEng.AI® is an artificial intelligence and cyber security company building AI for understanding the contents of software supply chains.

Our mission

Our mission is to build foundational AI models for understanding the contents and behaviour of software. From packed malware to obfuscated web applications, our AI assists humans and machines alike to verify the contents and intent of software that fills our everyday lives.

We provide organizations with the tools and knowledge to understand their cybersecurity supply chain, detect hidden vulnerabilities within their operational environment, and reduce the risk of cyber attacks before they occur.

New daily software releases
10 Million
of malware is only seen once
Global annual cost of cyber attacks
$6 Trillion

Our values

We value self-motivated learners with non-linear thinking, resilience, and a collaborative spirit. Join us to make a long-term impact by solving challenging problems with innovative solutions.

Passionate Learners
We value individuals with a history of self-directed learning, who have a genuine thirst for knowledge and continuously seek to expand their skills and expertise.
Creative Thinkers
We embrace non-linear thinking, valuing individuals who can approach challenges from unconventional angles, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the table.
Resilient Optimism
We appreciate a positive and determined outlook, as we tackle difficult problems that require perseverance. We seek individuals who can maintain optimism in the face of challenges and maintain focus on long-term goals.
Intellectual Resilience
We value individuals who possess intellectual resilience, the ability to adapt, learn from setbacks, and quickly recover from failures. This quality helps us navigate the complex and uncharted terrain we encounter.
Collaborative Problem Solvers
We foster a collaborative environment, where individuals work together to solve problems. We look for applicants who embrace a collaborative attitude, leveraging the strengths of the team to overcome challenges and achieve collective success.
Excitement for Long-Term Impact
We seek individuals who are excited by the prospect of investing years of consistent hard work to solve core challenges. The ability to find fulfillment in contributing to long-term impact is a quality we highly value.
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PhD Internship program

Advancing the Future of Secure AI Technologies

RevEng.AI offers three or six month internship programs to individuals currently engaged in state-of-the-art research in cyber security or deep learning. We provide flexible work options for remote workers on short-term or mid-term projects.

We are constantly seeking exceptional individuals to join our team.

We are a team of exceptional individuals, passionate about tackling complex, uncharted problems. With unwavering dedication, we eagerly embrace the challenge of finding innovative solutions that may take years to accomplish.

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Job openings

  • Role
    Binary Analysis Researcher
    We are looking to hire a binary analysis researcher to research and develop novel program analysis techniques and incorporate them into our binary analysis engine. You may be tasked with implementing techniques for data flow analysis, code deobfuscation, and code optimisation.
    £60k - £80k
    In office - WFH flexibility
  • Role
    Machine Learning Researcher
    We are seeking a highly skilled AI researchers to join our team and implement cutting-edge machine learning techniques in our product pipeline. As an AI researcher, you will advance our binary code embeddings and explore innovative approaches for malware classification using graph-based models.
    £60k - £120k
    In office - WFH flexibility
  • Role
    Security Engineer and Malware Analyst
    We are seeking a talented Security Engineer to join our team and enhance the integration of our systems with popular security tools like IDA Pro, Ghidra, Binary Ninja, or Radare 2. As a Security Engineer, you will co-develop an advanced IDA Pro plugin using our powerful RevEng.AI REST API.
    £40k - £80k
    In office - WFH flexibility

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