is a deep AI framework for analysing binary computer programs



RevEng.AI is a cyber security and artificial intelligence company that helps organisations understand their cyber security supply chain. BINNET gives CISOs and SOCs a new capability that looks inside their endpoints entire environment, including proprietary third-party libraries, and detects known vulnerabilities to reduce your cyber security risk.

We are building AI for PROACTIVE CYBER DEFENCE. Existing solutions contain, triage, or mitigate attacks after they happen. Our mission is to build AI that proactively prevents cyber attacks before they can materialize.

Cyber Security is no longer a human-scale operation. Huge attack surfaces require AI to protect organisations.

TRAIN AI MODELS ON CLOSED SOURCE SOFTWARE identifies fundamental components of closed-source program binaries and generates real-valued vector embeddings for each component. Our API allows you to build AI for downstream tasks that inherently understands computer code.

Our plugins for common reverse engineering tools such as IDA Pro, Ghidra, and Radare 2, gives analysts AI assitance when reverse engineering, threat hunting, or analysing malware. Suggest symbol names, identify core functionalities, or find common symbols between executables and collections.

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